v 1.2

Bullseye Color Picker (Legacy)


Color picker software for web designers, software developers, and artists.



  • Select colors from your screen or from a palette
  • Return color codes: RGB, HSL, Long, HTML Hex, Visual Basic Hex, Delphi Hex, & C++ Hex
  • Hide color code values you don't need
  • Use the included mini color picker
  • Enter your own color code and display its color
  • Create and save your own colors
  • Create and save your own palettes
  • Invert colors, convert colors to web-safe and copy colors and codes to the clipboard
  • Work with two different colors at the same time for easy comparison
  • Advanced Zooming feature
  • Color history
  • Bonus: HTML Color Stylesheet Editor
  • Numerous other features making Bullseye Color Picker the leader among color pickers!